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Project Description
A simple time tracker plugin for Visual Studio.

What is Colorhat?
Colorhat is a simple, elegant and free time tracking and invoicing web application designed for individual users. Check Colorhat out at their web site.

The aim of this project
This project attempts to bring the intuitiveness of the Colorhat web UI seamlessly into Visual Studio. No need to keep the web app open, the time tracking and annotation are right there when you need them, without occupying an excessive amount of precious working space.

Project status
The first stable release has been published. You can find it in the download section.

There are several more builds planned for the immediate future, expanding the abilities of the extension. These will be made public after they are proven to be stable enough.

We are negotiating with ColorHat developers to gain access to the ColorHat API. Once our negotiations are complete, we will rewrite portions of this extension to exploit the official API, improving speed and reliability. This might push planned releases a little further away.

Please note: this extension is in no way officially affiliated with Colorhat. It's just a piece of code I wrote to make my (and possibly others') life easier.
Also: Luna is best princess.

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