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Colorhat Time Tracker - Getting Started

This page contains instructions about installing, configuring and using the Colorhat Time Tracker extension

Colorhat Time Tracker (CTT) is a simple time tracking extension for Visual Studio designed to work with the Colorhat application.

You can check Colorhat out at the application's web site.

This Visual Studio Extension is distributed in the form of a VSIX package.
You can download this package from Visual Studio Gallery or using the Extensions manager integrated into Visual Studio.

Extension configuration
Before you can start using CTT, you need to provide the extension with your Colorhat username and password.
This information is necessary to access your Colorhat account and IT IS NOT at any time exposed to the extension developer or any other third parties.

You can fill the username and password in the Visual Studio options, under the Colorhat section.

There is also a setting for suppresing the time segment annotation window (see next section).

CTT extends the Visual Studio UI with a toolbar called Colorhat Toolbar.
You can show this toolbar by right-clicking on any existing Visual Studio toolbar and checking the appropriate item.

The toolbar contains four controls: two combo boxes used for selecting projects and services you want to track, and two buttons for starting/stopping time tracking and refreshing your projects and services.

The first button also displays the time since time tracking has been activated.

The Refresh button re-queries your ColorHat account for projects and services, which is usefull when you create a new project/service and want to immediately start tracking tim for it.

After you turn time tracking off, a new popup window will be displayed, allowing you to annotate the tracked time segment.
Thw windows also shows details about the tracked time period, such as project, service and duration.
Annotating time segments is not required and can be disabled in the extension settings.

After you confirm your annotation, the time segment data is automatically uploaded to the Colorhat server.

Please note that Colorhat considers time segments shorter than 60 seconds invalid and such time segments will be discarded automatically.

CTT output window
CTT also creates a new pane in the Visual Studio Output window. This pane is called Colorhat and displays useful and/or important information about the operation of the plugin.

This pane also logs all the exceptions encountered during the plugin operation. If you see such exception logs, feel free to submit a bug report at the following address:

If you wish to contact the developer of this plugin, you may use either Visual Studio Gallery or (preferrably) the project's CodePlex page:

If you by any chance wish to contribute to this project in any way, feel free to contact me via CodePlex.

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